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One could say CUGA® Vest was born out of necessity. We can confidently say it was born out of a love for dogs. They give us their best, they work 10 times harder in the field than we do, and provide us more opportunities to succeed in our sport. They are our constant companions, the ones we choose to always go afield with, the ones always giving their all out of pure loyalty and love.

Mark Meyocks is a lover of upland hunting, fly-fishing, good storytelling, fine single barrel aῆejo Tequila or bourbon whiskey, and great Americana music. More than anything, Mark is dog lover. It was when hunting companion and trusty lab Cruiser came back from chasing down a rooster with an open gash on his chest, an expensive vet bill, and six staples to resolve the immediate issue that CUGA idea began to spark.  Mark’s vet said to protect the injury from debris and to continue hunting using a neoprene vest Mark had available for Cruiser. Unfortunately, the neoprene wasn’t suited for upland hunting, chaffing raw under Cruiser’s front legs, resulting in no hunting for a few weeks while Cruiser recovered.

Mark set out to find a solution to get Cruiser back in the field. Buying available protective dog vests in the outdoor marketplace wasn’t hard, but finding one that met with Mark’s idea of durability, visibility, and reasonable attachment for a dog in the field was ridiculously hard. Like he’s done many times before, if he couldn’t rely on something or someone else, he’d do it himself. Buying a sewing machine, purchasing fabric online, discussing sewing options with his mother (a longtime sewer) and clearing off his fly-tying table as sewing space, Mark’s ingenuity built the first CUGA® Vest from an outdoorsman’s perspective.

After reviews from multiple dog trainers, veterinarians, and active dog owners of all types, CUGA® (Cruiser Upland Game Armor) was born with the encouragement of Mark’s wife Renee. Made with 1000 Denier Cordura® Brand fabric, Mark created a dog vest perfect for all dogs, in all bird hunting disciplines, durable, breathable, adjustable, and visible in the field. The CUGA® Vest can withstand the harshest grounds being lightweight enough to keep your dog hunting all day with no strain.

Truly made for the love of his dog, Mark now has the peace of mind that Cruiser can comfortably hunt hard and be almost invincible to anything encountered doing a dog’s job.

CUGA® is now on a mission to have every dog be protected and safe while in the field. Handmade in the USA, all CUGA® Vests undergo a rigorous quality inspection, ensuring the products design compliance and quality to back the 1-year CUGA® warranty.

CUGA’s promise is to provide the K-9 community with the strongest, most durable vest on the market, made with pride and for the love of our dogs.

Mark with Cruiser
Cruisers the Dog
Cruiser with injury
Hunting Dog wearing vest
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