Is the vest going to be too hot for my dog?

The vest is made of breathable waterproof cordura. Although designed to be worn anytime of the year, the vest might make your dog too warm if they are exercising significantly, if the outdoor temperature is elevated or the outdoor activity is in the sunshine. Personally my dog hasn’t been effected when the temperature is above 70 degrees in training or out hiking BUT I watch my dog and know my dog when he is getting overheated. Know your dog! Be a responsible pal!

Can my dog swim in the vest?

The vest is made of breathable waterproof cordura. Yes the vest is washable waterproof material. We have designed the vest for the dog to have the capability to run, scent, swim or just do dog things. If in the field don’t worry about game flying across manageable water for a retrieve. Again be a responsible owner and partner to your dog, don’t put them in harms way even if marginal.

How is the vest going to fit on my dog?

The vest is designed so it should fit around the dog’s chest area fairly snug but the adjustability of the vest offers you the ability to do what seems right for you and for your dog. There should be a slight gap in the neck area for the dog to be able to retrieve and run in comfort, the gap acts as cushion for when the dog encounters an object.

The breastplate is double layered 1000 Denier Cordura and should cover the front of the chest area, the width of different sized vests should allow for protection while offering mobility. The holes for the front legs are designed to allow a running dog maximum stretch without any chaffing. The vest should cover the shoulder area and run down the back to about the hip.

The underside of the vest can be loose around the narrower portion of the body, and there is a cut out designed for male dogs to comfortably urinate. There is also enough protection for nursing female nipples to be protected if they are out in an area where their nipples might become irritated.

On a new CUGA Vest my dog is managing to get both legs through one leg hole. What’s up with that?

A great question and an issue that occurs, though rarely. When you receive the new CUGA Vest (or any other dog vest) the dog may need to adapt to their new garment. With the CUGA Vest’s double layer 1000 Denier Cordura® brand protection, the material is fairly stiff out of the package. A solution. Many CUGA Vest customers have washed their vest in a washing machine and air-dried the CUGA Vest with the convenient Black Hang Loop on the inside of the vest. Then, when dry put the vest back on the dog and throw a few bumpers outside and the double leg in a single leg hole is most often resolved. As always we welcome customer questions and comments. Mark – Handler.