Susan & Gary Berggren

Thank you again for the immediate help to adjust the sizing of GSP’s CUGA VEST. Gary purchased it at the Pheasant Fest in St. Paul, MN. We found Gretta’s vest was not quite the best fit and Mark you cooperated to remedy the problem as soon as we contacted you. We mailed the vest to you and our Gretta’s vest was quickly returned with correct size adjustments. It was made easy because you gave us explicit instructions on mailing process & we are now utilizing the vest which helps keep our dog safer, visual & protects them from rubbing against rough brush, etc. Great out-door function & fits well. Thank you!


I will mention, I find it easy to put the CUGA VEST on both our German Shorthairs and remove the vests to throw in the washing machine on gentle, cold water cycle. The vests dry quickly by hanging up and are ready to use again the following morning.


Our bright orange vests function & fit well. Thank you.


Sincerely yours,

Susan & Gary Berggren


Dr. Kirt S., DVM

My dog, Wingnut, is my wife’s and my pet. She is 6 years old and although she isn’t used to hunt she goes on walks/exercise in the sage brush in our area. About a year ago, running like crazy as she does, she hit a sage spire and punctured her abdomen into the peritoneum, only a small wound which we didn’t notice. After some time infection set in and luckily I am a veterinarian. After a little surgery and antibiotics, recovery! The CUGA Vest is providing protection from any future “event” plus we can see her better running in the sage! I would recommend the vest for both hunters and dog lovers who have active dogs.

James G

I hunt extensively in the draws and cover offered in Eastern Washington. My dog has been constantly getting dinged up during hunting season. The CUGA Vest she wears really protects her from the cuts and scrapes I have seen in the past. I really like the blaze orange color, since my dog is a chocolate lab, which makes her stand out in the cover. I don’t want to have any accidents in the field and the CUGA Vest really helps to keep my dog visible in cover.